Golf Website Designs: What You’ll Need to Look Consider

The best way to ensure that both recreational and serious golfers come to your club when they need new courses to play is by having a presence where they frequently check which is online.

One such way to maintain an online presence is by having a website. Your course’s website will provide ease of accessing your services by both your customers and prospects. However, besides wanting a visually attractive and informative website, there are other components to look out for when designing your golf course site.

Here are a few of what a good golf website designs should include.

Good Design

One thing that will attract a visitor long enough to stay on your site is the beautiful web page designs. As the first impression you can make on a prospect, your page will be a turnoff if not beautifully designed. If the layout turns out to be a turnoff, you’re already on your way to losing new customers and even existing ones to your competitors. Additionally, ensure to incorporate suitable web design elements since a web design is more than aesthetic but encompasses functionality. Good web design elements will help your site rank higher in search engines; however, ensure your website is easy to navigate, fast, with a call-to-action that leads to conversion, in addition to looking good.


If you had ever visited an unresponsive site where you had to zoom out to view texts or squint to make out pictures, it’s an unpleasant experience you wouldn’t want to go through again. A responsive website is ideal for your golf course as it allows visitors to enter your site using any device, especially smartphones. Therefore, your course website should be responsive as it saves you money and time since you won’t need two separate sites for computer and smartphone users.

Brand Identity

Ensure to include your brand identity, which you’d have formed before the website creation, into your design. Your brand exceeds your colors, logo, or slogan. It also includes your font type, copy style, and even photography style on your website. These are what will distinguish you from your competitors and build credibility and trust with your customers.

Fast Download Speed

People usually exit a website quickly when its pages take a long time to load. As such, it’s necessary to ensure your site loads promptly and download fast. This fast download speed also contributes to your customers’ user experience, search engine optimization, and conversion rate.

Reservation Features

One of the elements to include in your golf website designs is a reservation feature. Having this on your site will make it easier for people to quickly make reservations, leading to more visitors and increased revenue at your course.

When your site contains all information about the golf course and then an easy way to make reservations, people will naturally want to use it since everybody likes convenience.


Ensure to include a review section for displaying detailed golfers’ testimonials to add credibility to your course. This measure might be all you need to convince a golfer to leave your competitor’s course and come to yours. It’d be best to put this element at your site’s homepage so a visitor can easily see it immediately they enter your website.

With several golf courses available for a golfer to choose from, it’s pertinent to have a well-designed website to set you apart from your competitors. Ensure to get a professional web designer offering beautiful and expert golf website designs so you can start reaching out to a larger audience and convert your site visitors.