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How to Improve your Supply Chain with Lean Six Sigma

Every business is unique. For most, simply adopting a single, prescribed approach is a risky move. In the case of Six Sigma, it can be especially tempting to, seeing the success of major companies that have used the method in the past, simply declare Six Sigma the law of the land and start tearing into your supply chain. But without carefully honed expertise in the method, adaptation to individual business goals, and proper support, a well-intentioned project can fall flat.

With so many moving parts that need to mesh perfectly together, supply chain management is a delicate process. A seemingly small adjustment can have far-reaching consequences throughout the production cycle. This is why Lean Six Sigma Online can be such a powerful force. When applied by experts in its use, Six Sigma methodologies, paired with the Lean approach, help quality control officers and managers identify issues that would otherwise remain hidden.

supply chain in lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management

Supply chain optimization is an ongoing challenge, as it should be. Today’s businesses need to constantly seek out more efficient methods and processes. Lean Six Sigma provides an excellent framework for this endeavor, combining the defect prevention focus of Six Sigma with the emphasis on waste reduction and streamlining offered by Lean thinking.

There are a number of ways that companies around the world have used Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve supply chain performance.

Decrease Waste

Reducing the 8 potential wastes that can affect a supply chain (defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion, and extra processing) is one of the central objectives of the Lean methodology. But what’s more important is how supply chain analysts determine what’s truly wasteful and not a necessary part of the process. For Lean businesses, this distinction is made based on one variable: value to the customer.

A Lean business aims to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest possible price, which means using few resources as effectively as possible to bring that product to market. Any part of the process that doesn’t actively and directly contribute to that goal is considered waste. Using the Six Sigma DMAIC/DMADV approach combined with the Lean method can help identify these wasteful elements, keeping costs low for the business and the customer.

Prevent Defects

The Six Sigma method was originally developed to combat defects in manufacturing, lowering them within an acceptable tolerance. The in-depth insight into quality control processes provided by Six Sigma analysis can be invaluable to any supply chain manager. Identifying the root cause of defects and refining the production process accordingly is made much clearer through the DMAIC approach.

Defect Prevent - Lean six sigma supply chain

Lean thinking has its role to play in this, as well. Any complex, convoluted, time-consuming process leaves more room for failure, opening up opportunities for human or technical error. By integrating the Lean method with Six Sigma analysis, processes can be simplified and streamlined. This means fewer defects, which helps maintain quality standards and decreases the waste caused by defective products.

Improve Performance

The combined Lean and Six Sigma methods are uniquely suited to optimizing a supply chain. Together, these philosophies provide a unified focus on two fundamental aspects of manufacturing: efficiency and quality. Every stage of the DMAIC/DMADV approach is an excellent opportunity to refine processes, solve problems, and reduce waste. The result? A stronger bottom line.

The Lean Six Sigma method can help supply chain managers ensure that every part of their process isn’t just defect-free, but focused on their customer. By defining their customer base and needs early on in the DMAIC/DMADV process, businesses can align all of their process improvements to the goal of serving their customers with distinction. Every team member can stay focused on the ultimate goal, which is to make customers happy with their purchase.

This simultaneous focus on the customer and the process is what makes Lean Six Sigma such a valuable, high-impact skill-set. When everyone unifies to serve the customer, businesses thrive.

About Purdue’s Online Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Certificate Program

Purdue University offers comprehensive online Lean Six Sigma (LSS) certificate programs designed for working professionals with varying levels of Lean Six Sigma experience. The online Lean Six Sigma certificate courses prepare professionals to satisfy the immense demand for Lean expertise, skills and certification.

Purdue offers the following courses 100% online:
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Principles
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Refresher
Campgrounds & RVs Travel

Tips For Increasing Your Campground’s Non-Site Revenue

When a campground owner is trying to make their property more profitable the first thing they usually do is increase the site rates. This can be effective but also dangerous because expensive site rates can turn off people from coming to your campground. Instead, they may opt to go and stay at your competitors down the street for a cheaper rate.

Thankfully site rates are not the only way to gain revenue at your campground. We’ve come up with 14 ways to earn more money from your campers while they are at your RV Campgrounds.

Low Effort Income Streams

The first list of ideas are those that require little to no effort to manage them. You already have a full-time job running a campground. Instead, see how many of these you can implement in your park and start making more money this month.

1. Laundry

One of the top amenities that travelers are looking for at a campground is the ability to do laundry, especially if your park attracts full-time or monthly tenants. We’ve seen laundry rates anywhere from $1.00 to $4.00 per load in the washer or dryer.

Once you have the machines set up you can check as needed to collect the quarters from the machines and also make sure that people aren’t abusing the machines for example by washing dog beds in them.

2. Internet & Cable Entertainment

An important amenity that campers look for at a park is the entertainment. Since 93% of campers bring their mobile devices on camping trips they want to be able to share their experiences on social media, watch cable channels, and stream the latest Netflix series.

You can sell campers different levels of speed and data plans for entertainment.

3. Vending machines

It can be such an inconvenience to make a trip to the grocery store especially if you just need a snack, soda, or emergency toilet paper.

Setting up vending machines around the park is a great way to make a few more dollars and save your campers an unnecessary trip to the store.

4. Storage

If your campground has any excess land you may be surprised by how many people need places to park their toys. Why not keep them at their favorite campground for a small fee?

A few of the common things that campers could possibly store on your land are:

  • RV’s & Trailers
  • Boats & Four Wheelers
  • Storage Units

5. Arcade

If you have a lot of families that stay at your park it can be difficult for parents to keep them entertained all the time. Perhaps they are exhausted and just want to take a nap which can be hard with a lot of people in a small rig.

This is where having an arcade is a great way to help keep kids entertained and out of trouble. Similar to providing laundry machines this is a good way to gain the pocket change of your campers which can really add up over time.

6. Sponsorships & Ads on Your Campground Maps

A creative solution to bring in more money is to sell ad space on your campground maps. This is a great way to introduce campers to local RV mechanics, restaurants, and other services your campers may need. You can either charge them a flat rate for the ads or a revenue split of services you send to them.

7. Local Experiences & Tours

While people are at your campground they often want to explore and experience the local community. You can build relationships with these businesses and tour companies so that each camper you send their way you get some kind of compensation.

Here are some businesses you could strive to build relationships with.

  • Local wineries
  • Hikes and trails
  • Local tour guides
  • National parks & museums

High Effort Income Streams

These ideas can bring in a lot more money but also require more financial investment to start and possibly additional employees to run them as well.

1. Campground Store

For many campers, the store at the campground can make or break a trip! Saving on doing extra trips to Walmart or Camping World by just walking to the park grounds store means more time they can spend relaxing and enjoying their vacation.

You can check out our list of the essentials to include in your campground store. 

2. Equipment Rentals

Depending on what activities are available around your park will allow you to be able to rent out equipment to your visitors.

If you’re by water you could rent paddleboards, tubes for floating, or even kayaks. If you are landlocked you can still rent out golf carts or bicycles for your happy campers.

3. Gas Stations

Having fuel on-site can be a great additional source of revenue for your park. Gas stations are a successful business on their own and you can add one onto your property. This makes it so you can make money off of people who are not even staying in your park.

4. Propane Refill Station

If your campers use a lot of propane for barbecuing or for keeping their rigs warm it can make sense to keep a propane refill station on the property. The convenience of being so close can allow you to charge a premium on the fuel.

5. Restaurant

While on vacation people like to enjoy good meals. If you have experience in the food industry this could be a good additional venture for your park.

If you don’t want to bother managing a restaurant you can have local food trucks come to your park for a small fee. This is a win-win for you and the food truck.

6. Events

Providing events for your campers to attend while staying at your park is a great way to help them build memories and want to come back every year. Here are a few campground event ideas.

  • Ice cream social – pay per a scoop
  • Bingo – pay per a card
  • Movie night – popcorn and refreshments

7. Yurts

A lot of campgrounds already have cabins on them. If you’re looking for a way to add more occupancy without breaking the bank think about using yurts instead.

Yurts are popular with the glamping crowd and do not cost as much to build as a cabin.

How Do You Make More Revenue?

These are some of the ways we have found to make more money at our park, but we are interested to hear what works for you.

Any additional ideas that we missed? Please let us know in the comments!

Education Online MBA Program

Students Review About USC Marshall Online MBA Program

What is it Like to Learn in an Online MBA Program? Two USC Students Share Their Experiences

At the University of Southern California, we focus on building a strong community of business professionals, through a combination of academic rigor in our online MBA, encouraging collaboration and a global network of Trojan alumni. We’re especially proud to have been featured in a Poets & Quants article profiling students from the Best Online MBA programs in 2018.

Read two USC students’ insights about learning in an online environment and the OMBA program below, or read the full article here.

Katie Cockrell — Verizon Account Supervisor at MRM//McCann

One of the things that students are often concerned about when considering an online MBA is the depth of social interaction students can have. As Katie pointed out, this is one of the aspects of USC’s MBA Degree online, that surprised her.

“One thing I didn’t expect going into the program was the quality of friendships I would build with my cohort. Starting an online program, one of the things you worry about missing out on are the online education, networking and relationship-building activities. Luckily this wasn’t the case! I was happily surprised to find our cohort messaging each other daily, meeting up regularly, and developing lasting relationships.”

Nidhi Modhi — Principal Software Engineer at Dell Technologies

For other students, flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of pursuing an MBA online; not just because many students, including Nidhi, are busy running their own businesses, but because asynchronous learning gives them opportunities to reinforce topics that require additional emphasis.

“Carefully designed video lectures with very high production quality took us through difficult concepts with ease. These pre-recorded video lectures are rich, dense and help explain the concepts extremely well. The asynchronous delivery mechanism gave me the liberty to prepare the topics to my satisfaction at my own pace.”

About the USC Marshall School of Business

USC Marshall is one of the premier business schools in the U.S. and internationally recognized as a home for path-breaking research that emphasizes entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and social responsibility. The USC Online MBA from the Marshall School of Business is built to help students succeed in the digitally driven business landscape, providing a curriculum focused on the practical skills expected of today’s global leaders. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Marshall brings undergraduate and graduate students a unique perspective on the world, including global opportunities for experiential learning. The vibrant and active Trojan alumni community includes more than 89,000 people in 92 countries.


What Are The Benefits Of Having a Gym Membership?

How to make your gym membership in Cumming GA pay off?

Gym memberships are useless if you have to wait for a long time to get access to the machines and equipment. Most of the people shell out big bucks for memberships in gyms in Cumming GA and then realize that they have made a wrong choice. To get the most out of your gym memberships, you should keep reading on. 

You have decided to shed off those extra pounds by joining a gym. Avoid the gyms in Cumming GA that fail to motivate the members. Who would want to waste money on paying for such gyms? Compare the best deals for gyms around you. Many gyms in Cumming GA offer package deals, membership fees, and special incentives. The Internet is full of several gyms that offer different facilities and amenities to the members and help them achieve their fitness objectives. 

Another common mistake of prospective gym members is not taking the advantage of all the equipment and facilities the gym offers. Most of the gyms offer sauna and steam bath services, which is not used by every member. Make sure that you’re aware of all the amenities provided by the gym you choose. 

A lot of gyms provide personal training sessions at an additional cost. You will be able to achieve your health and fitness goals faster easily by choosing personal training. If you are looking for losing weight before you wedding and have a little time left, it can be a good idea to join a gym that offers personal training for members. You’ll get an extra “push” everyday and you will be able to achieve the perfect slim figure before your special day. 

Here are some tips to help you get the best benefits out of gym membership:

  1. Consider your goals 

Every person may have a different reason to join a gym. It is important to identify your fitness goals before looking for a gym. Jot down the list of equipment you would need to achieving those goals. If you like swimming, choose a gym that provides such facilities. If you want a stationary bike, look for gyms that provide such option. 

  1. Know your likes and dislikes

If you love outdoor sports or outdoor exercising, you may look for gyms in Cumming GA. Select a gym that offers all the amenities you’re looking for. Figure out your likes and dislikes and invest in a gym membership that can cater to all your requirements. 

  1. Take a gym class or two 

Taking a few trials at the gym can help you understand the type of workout you can perform. You will be able to get an idea about the crowd at the gym. Try to get a one to a week pass before paying for the gym membership. Talk to the staff and personal trainers to know whether you are comfortable exercising at the gym. You should check the cleanliness at the gym before making a decision. 

Explore multiple gyms in Cumming GA to make sure that you get the best value for the money you spend. Depending on your existing fitness level and goals, you should choose the right gym around you. 

Campgrounds & RVs Travel

How To Keep Your Campers Happy: The Ultimate Guide For Fall Camping

Fall is in the air at campgrounds and RV parks around the country. Before we head out of the office for turkey and fixings, we’ve rounded up the best tips for busy campground and RV park managers to make the most of the season for their campers.

Build Online Presence for Better reach out to your Campers!

While it may be true that camping is a way to unplug and recharge our own batteries, having an established online presence can make all the difference in improving camper satisfaction. A social media account, webpage, or updating your RoverPass listing not only makes it that much easier for prospective campers or RVers to find your park, but also provides a campground reservation system to communicate with your campers!

Set Rates Accordingly and Makes it Affordable

Sometimes, extra amenities aren’t enough to draw out holiday travelers, so it’s important to set up off-season pricing that makes sense for your RV park or campground. Lowering prices for the winter can help bring a greater volume of campers.

Show off the Beauty of Fall

Part of the joy of travel, road tripping, RVing, or camping during this time of the year is the wonderful palette of autumn colors that cover the country. (Well most of it, we maintain a nice brown/green here at RoverPass HQ in Austin, TX). If your park has sweeping vistas or even just colorful leaves, show it off on your website, directory listings, or your social media pages to highlight the natural beauty of your park in the fall.

Bring the Heat

Depending on your campground’s location, the chill of fall can be quite fierce. Now that you have a place where you can share with campers, communicating a promotion like complimentary firewood/kindling becomes a walk in the park. Accommodating for the colder weather by offering free fire supplies is a nice holiday touch and adds value for the camper.

Make Planning Easier with Online Reservations

Holidays can get busy and unpredictable! One easy way you can make travel planning more convenient for the campers who come your way is by getting set up to allow them to make reservations online. It’s fast and easy for everyone involved! Make more time in your schedule this holiday season by reducing phone calls and manual organization.

Jobs News Technology

Top 5 Coolest Jobs in Tech

Technology is changing the way the world runs. New technology has given us the power to talk to anyone in the world at any time for free, the ability to perform work tasks faster and even the way we order our food. There are a lot of jobs in tech world that brings in a good income and is probably something you’re already doing as a hobby.

The best way to succeed in the world of tech is to learn about new technology and research positions related to your interests. Once you’ve found your niche, get your portfolio ready and start applying for positions.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are truly special people that get to use really cool gadgets to do their job, some of which they get to take home to their home office in certain positions. These individuals have mastered artistic techniques as well as technology.

Graphic designers are needed all across the tech industry, especially in the toms networking where graphics must be clear and precise. Graphic designers are also necessary for engineering to perform work for technical documentation and software graphic user interface or GUI screens.

Software Engineers

Software engineers design everything from the software that runs the animation in roller coasters to video games. Have you ever wondered who designs those cool embedded systems for the new cars? That’s just one thing that FPGA engineers can do for your user experience.

Getting your software engineering degree can get you into jobs like video game designer, product owner and even working for big companies like Disney World or Universal Studios designing animation in rides and shows.

Technical Writer

Technical writing is necessary when working with engineers. Technical writers take information that is technical in nature and simplify the terminology into tables and bulleted information that a novice user can understand.

Technical writers are the ones who design end-user documentation like user manuals and instructional manuals that go along with your favorite toy or video game! Technical Writers are necessary for programming and software careers as well as developing API documentation as well as user operation manuals for video games and software programs.


Just like learning how to build a PC computer programmers don’t need to have an engineering degree to land a job. In fact, if you’re willing to relocate, there are various jobs available overseas for programming consultants. All you need to do is develop a portfolio of prototypes showcasing your abilities and you can land yourself a 9-5 job that can even be done from your living room!

Jobs involving technology can be frustrating at the time and do require some patients. Learning about how to use different programming languages and even how to put an extensive gaming PC together can help you understand the environment and allow you to immerse yourself in new experiences and challenges to come.

Video Game Tester

Have you ever heard of quality assurance testing? Well, quality assurance testing is the last stage that software goes through before it is sent off to the buyer. Each test must be thorough and the tester must take meticulous notes as well as pay attention to details and glitches. This position is also known as user experience or UX testing.

If this sounds overwhelming, fret not. There is typically a plan involved for the testing process that you can follow meticulously and help your colleagues. Video game software is notorious for glitches. All you need to do this job is a gaming PC, which you can build yourself and a notepad or tablet to write down every bug you can see.


Top 10 Reasons Why A Coding Franchise Is A Wise Investment

At Launch, students work at their own pace using a revolutionary flipped-learning model. Instead of lectures, students work on projects collaboratively with their peers while on-site teachers ensure that students are truly comprehending key concepts. Our curriculum is aligned with standards identified by the Computer Science Teachers Association, designed to prepare students to excel in both their college and professional lives.

Summer should be a time of exploration and growth for students. Launch provides structure and guidance in a fun yet challenging collaborative environment.

Our mentors will make computer science engaging and accessible to students. The flipped-learning model enables advanced students to learn at their own pace. They can complete the exercises and practices required to understand the concepts and skills quickly, and thrive using new knowledge and creativity in creating their own programs.

Our Austin summer camps are designed to open students’ eyes to a set of skills and knowledge that can start them on a path to becoming the innovators of tomorrow. And also for our Coding Franchise owners, we solve the problem of finally realizing a meaningful career path that positively impacts their communities.

Currently there is a lack of quality technology and coding education in schools. As a result of there being few qualified teachers, what is currently being taught does not give students a thorough understanding of computer science and programming. With years of experience in the tech industry, we know what skills companies are looking for and have designed a curriculum that fills the gap.

Program Description

  • We aim to teach an understanding of computing and network systems that students will need to be technologically literate, as well as the skills to program. We also make it FUN!
  • Younger student will learn about systems and object-oriented programming through videos, interactive lessons, and boilerplate activities where students modify and discover features of a programming language.
  • Topics include variables, objects, data types, void and return methods, as well as the tools and practices software developers use to solve problems.
  • Students who stick with us over the long term will learn the skills to use back-end APIs to communicate with servers and create a full-stack application.

Guide For Single Senior To Travel Las Vegas

World capital of quick and funny weddings, fast-paced gaming, bucks and hens parties and grand events, Las Vegas is undoubtedly a place where entertainment finds itself at home. A city with plenty to do if you wish not to visit accompanied by children with plenty to do on your own if you are travelling solo. The city is a holiday destination full of life, and the methods of spending your time here do not relate to long walks or visiting cultural attractions.

In Vegas you can virtually visit the whole world at once, as developers have stolen and rebuilt all major (worldwide) attractions, including Eiffel Tower, Egypt’s pyramids, small villages such as the French and Mediterranean ones and many more.

What to Visit?

Fountains of Bellagio Hotel produce a great show in Vegas every single day for 15 minutes in a row. If you’re lucky to visit the city in weekend, than you can enjoy the show every hour.

At Bellagio Hotel you can also visit the Gallery of Fine Arts and the Botanical Garden, both displaying a magnificent collection.

over 60s travel

The Zoo Park in Southern Nevada is also to be admired, as it features over 150 different species of plants and animals.

Flamingo Garden, city’s main avenue, is the place where you can delight your view with flamingos as well as many other exotic and brightly coloured birds.

The volcano at Mirage Casino erupts every night in a burst of light, so this is another place you should not miss.

What to Eat?

The traditional way to dine in Vegas is buffet. This is something that all major hotels have and meals here cost about $ 30, the price for which you can choose whatever and however you want to eat. In the city you can find traditional Las Vegas dishes which bring together all cultures and gastronomic areas. Regardless what dish you prefer, you can find there.

Le Village Buffet is French and you can choose between many dishes from five regions of France. It is located in a warehouse that features a reconstructed village bed, and you can eat the food in a countryside cottage, for example.

Where to Stay?

Large, luxury hotels usually have great prices starting from $ 150 and the sky is the limit.

If you want to stay in a more affordable hotel with standard protection, but which has a casino included as to get a taste of the local culture, than this could be El Cortez Hotel and Casino, where a room costs from $35 and up.

If you are over 60s travel and willing to splash out of your comfort zone or If you’re looking for a more luxurious facility with a pool included, than you may have a look at Resort Elara. This hotel is part of the famous Hilton Grand Vacations chain and a standard room here costs around $100.

Annual Events

Saint Patrick’s Day Festival takes place on or around March 17 and includes parties and parades, all doused with beer.

Single Senior Over 60 Travel

In the middle of May you can witness Las Vegas Helldorado Days, a celebration that recreates the Wild West days. If you participate, than you will be able to watch major rodeo events, parades, a carnival and more.

In early October, art is moving to the park. This is a great opportunity for you to buy handicrafts. Some things you can purchase are related to jewelry, clothing and American-style decorative items, but also small gifts crafted by local artists.


In Las Vegas’ casinos all drinks are free for those who play, even if only at the slot machines. The only hook is that if you do not tip the waitress with at least $1, you’re not likely to get any more later.

Some bars which are truly worth a try include the Bunkhouse and Freakin Frog. Here drinks are truly above par. Also some visitors has given excellent review about this bar.

Another colorful local option to take into account is the Nine Fine Irishmen pub, which was assembles solely in Ireland and brought in the U.S. later on. You can buy a beet here for only $7 and enjoy live Irish music every night.


How Much Can Energy Efficient Windows Price?

Energy efficient window prices will vary by manufacturer, window type and framework, and what energy saving attributes you want applied to your windows. You’ll also incur installation labour costs (usually approximately $38 per hour) For a large energy efficient casement window using wooden framing you can expect to pay around $825 each window at setup costs

Energy efficient windows, also called energy saving windows, are all made to stop your heated or heated air escaping out of your property. Their enhanced insulation reduces your home’s energy use –and consequently, your invoices! –while also making your house more comfortable complete. Watch the facets which produce a window energy efficient beneath.

How Much Could You Save Energy Efficient Windows?

1 thing is for certain:

leaky, aging windows in your house are not performing your utility bills virtually any favors.

That means a consumer who spends $200 per month or $2400 annually will save $24 per month–roughly $288 annually. Your savings may be greater depending on what windows you are replacing and also the climate of the region. In reality, Energy Star research demonstrate that replacing single pane windows with double pane could save 21% and 31 percent from cooling and heating expenses.

However, in the long term, how much of a difference does this actually cause your home’s total energy intake? If you are upgrading all the windows inside your house from one pane windows into power celebrity dual paned windows with higher energy efficiency, then your investment will yield a far more noticeable quantity of energy savings on utility bills. But if you should update just 1 replacement window into your house you may not notice a great deal of valuable difference so far as energy prices go along with the prices to put in new windows. So are energy efficient windows worthwhile actually? Read our view below.

Whether effective windows are worthwhile actually boils down to the sort of windows you are replacing. In case you have single pane windows with Engineered timber frames, for example, you’re likely going to see a substantial difference on your utility bills. But most houses are not in this circumstance. Nearly all of the best home window producers provides energy efficient updates.

Many homes already have dual pane windows set up , and also the energy savings for replacing standard dual pane windows with ENERGY STAR rated products is considerably more modest.


The Department of Energy estimates that a window setup as the one mentioned previously will help save you approximately $27 to $111 per year, therefore it may take you a lot more time to reduce the price of your first investment in new windows.

But, energy savings are not the only approach to compute the value of a brand new window setup. In reality, installing a pair of new vinyl windows can add up to $12,000 for your home’s selling price, meaning they are a fairly wise idea if you are preparing to list your house or intend to sell your house in the future.


Among the fastest and simplest methods to locate energy-efficient windows is to search for the Energy Star emblem. Energy Star windows are exceptionally efficient and will need to fulfill many different criteria and limitations so as to earn the badge. Energy Star windows for northern ponds are made to allow in infrared light which leads to heat production, so that they trap warm air in your house. These windows are triple or double paned, and their non U-factor demonstrates their insulating abilities.

Energy Star windows for southern ponds are created to keep heat from the house. Their reduced U-factor also demonstrates their insulation value, which makes them a highly effective selection for warmer climates.

An Energy Star tax credit was accessible to anybody installing Energy Star windows in their houses for around $200 per year, and a max of $500 total, available up till 2014. Now that charge has died, but other regional incentives continue to be accessible. For example, clients in West Oregon, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and also a range of different places all qualify to get a mail-in lien plan when buying the ideal sort of energy efficient windows. Additionally, there are some places offering low-interest loans to utility clients installing effective windows. Check with your regional contractors and providers to learn about available rebates and incentives.

News Shopping Technology

3 Protection Standards To Deal With Severe Weather For Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED display is the most widely used field of LED display. The area is huge and the display effect is shocking. At the same time, in order to better publicize the effect, usually the top of Yu building, road and other empty and unobstructed areas are installed. Due to its large area and open-air conditions, LED displays face huge environmental challenges. Often face extreme weather such as strong winds, heavy rain and hail. Therefore, the display indicators and protective equipment are very important. The following introduces the indicators that outdoor LED module should have.

Novastar MCTRL300 LED Sending Box

LED Display IP Protection Level Requirements

Outdoor LED display screens usually have a large installation area, and most of them are installed in densely populated places, so pay special attention to the protection level of the display screens, especially in the southeast coastal areas where typhoons often log in. Its design should consider the solid foundation of the steel structure, wind load, waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof and many other factors, and the protection level should be IP6IP5 or above, to extend the service life of the display and enhance reliability.

LED Display Lightning Protection Standards

For lightning protection, the LED main body and the housing must have good grounding measures, and the grounding forms should be considered separately according to whether the display screen is independently installed or attached to the exterior wall of the building. At the same time, the outdoor LED display has a high degree of integration of electronic components, and its sensitivity to anti-interference is also increasing. In order to minimize electromagnetic interference, LED lightning protection devices should usually be installed on the display and buildings.

LED Display Heat Dissipation

Outdoor LED display will generate some heat when working. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is not good, the LED chip and related integrated circuits may work abnormally or even be burned, so that the Novastar LED display system cannot work normally. The label display should be equipped with a cooling fan or air conditioner, especially for screens that need to work in high temperature subtropical and tropical regions for a long time.

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