How to Choose a Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer

If you’re going through a divorce, you may have questions about finding an attorney that would best represent your interest. Make no mistakes, hiring the right Chester County divorce lawyer is a serious decision. It might be the most important one you’ll make during your divorce proceedings. Read on for tips on how to choose a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer.

Determine What Kind of Divorce You Need

There are different types of divorces, all requiring special knowledge and skills from an attorney. For instance, if you and your spouse have agreed to the terms of your divorce, it’s only right to choose an uncontested divorce. In this case, you won’t be needing the services of a lawyer who’d rather fight things out in court.

It’s vital first to be sure of the kind of divorce you need. It’ll help you choose a lawyer who would willingly assist rather than forcing unnecessary services on you.

Ask for Referrals

Referrals are one of the best ways to hire a good divorce lawyer. Perhaps you have friends or family members who have gone through a divorce previously. They could provide you with honest testimonials of one or more attorneys they hired during the process. Other good referral sources are court reporters, judges, and lawyers who specialize in another field besides family law.

Check Reviews From the Internet

An excellent way to add to the list of potential divorce lawyers you’ll hire is to get online reviews. You can look up a Chester County divorce lawyer’s website and check the reviews from previous clients. You can also check the about page and read their blogs or articles to educate yourself on the lawyer’s philosophy, knowledge, skill, and personality.

Most importantly, please stay away from attorney referral or ranking sites, as many of them run on paid advertisement. Your goal is to find a lawyer who has helped real people.

Identify Atleast Three Potential Lawyers to Interview

From your list of potential lawyers, you should be able to narrow it down to at least three that you’d like to meet. Having options is better than picking one lawyer before ever meeting them.

Your ideal candidates should have experience in the type of divorce you need and understand how state laws apply to your case. Additionally, he/she should understand the court system in your jurisdiction and be familiar with the local judges’ styles of approach.

Prepare Some Questions Ahead of the Consultation

The initial consultation is a crucial meeting; as it is from it, you’ll pick your divorce lawyer. It’s ideal to prepare a list of questions ahead for the attorney.

Some of the things you should find out are the lawyers’ strategies for solving your case and the history of successes in negotiation or trial. You’ll want to hire an attorney with the skill, knowledge, and experience to grant you a favorable outcome, irrespective of how your case proceeds.

You’ll also want to know the type of clients they typically represent and their rate. Some attorneys charge an hourly rate while others a flat fee and require a retainer. Based on your financial abilities, you can decide what is affordable.

Hire an Attorney You’re Comfortable With

Finally, choose an attorney with whom you’re comfortable. It’s best to have someone with who you can freely communicate and whose advice you can trust during a difficult time.


While each divorce has unique challenges, they’re generally an overwhelming and challenging time for couples. However, choosing the right Chester County divorce lawyer can impact the outcome of your case and change your life forever.