English to UAE Translation Services in Dubai

English to UAE Translation Services in Dubai

The official language of Dubai and UAE is Arabic. So, if you visit any government institution in the UAE, such as courts, health departments, RTA, Dubai Police, immigration, land Department, department of economics, and others, you may be required to bring Arabic versions of your documents for English to UAE translation.

We are one of the leading translation businesses in Dubai, providing excellent English to Arabic translation services for all types of documents.

Apart from submitting documents to government agencies, English to Arabic translation in Dubai and other regions of the UAE may be required for a variety of reasons. It comprises website translation in order to attract the attention of Arabic speakers in order to sell or offer items and services to them.

Importance of English to UAE Translation

Importance of English to UAE Translation
  • Brochures
  • Menus
  • Direct mail
  • Catalogues
  • Flyers
  • Company profiles

There is plenty of other advertising materials which can be translated into Arabic and use to boost business growth in Dubai

No matter what type of papers or volume you have for English to Arabic translation, our organization can help you with everything. Therefore, our Arabic translators are capable of producing high-quality English to Arabic and vice versa translations for any subject. Moreover, our Arabic translators in Dubai have extensive experience following:

  • Interpreting legal
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Automotive
  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications content

We also offer English to Arabic translation services for engineering, contracts, machines, mathematics, legislation, accounting, bank and other financial statements, logistics, real estate, and a variety of other topics. So, we not only translate documents from English to Arabic and Arabic to English, but we also give Arabic interpreting services.

We ensure that you will receive interpreting services from an experienced Arabic interpreter from our firm to promote your business at meetings, trade events, exhibits, conferences, or throughout the VISA procedure with English countries.

Certified Documentation

Such translations are frequently required for official purposes, such as the translation of legal papers such as marriage or birth certificates, as well as business documents such as contracts.

Sworn translators who are permitted to verify that the translated document is a true and accurate portrayal of the original certified translation.


We look for grammatically correct sentences, well-thought-out concepts, correct grammar, and spelling, to name a few things.

Mistakes are bound to occur. So, you can be as meticulous and attentive as you want with your work, yet mistakes and accidents sometimes happen. Moreover, a double-checking procedure — a dual control principle – can readily avoid and eradicate those problems from happening.

Rest assured that we have got you covered. We will concentrate on your writing, website, and even business cards. Further, we will thoroughly verify and double-check your texts or completed translations, looking for and correcting errors in style, grammar, and spelling. We also inspect them for completeness and accuracy in re-creating the original information. You can rely on language to execute a thorough, quick, and cost-effective job.

Significance of English to Arabic Translation Services

It is the most widely spoken and written language in the world. That is why the importance of business translation from English to Arabic is much greater. So, to strengthen or preserve your international contacts with the Arabic peninsula, you must give great translation services. It’s a large market with a population of almost 90 million people.

According to studies, nearly 90% of online shoppers prefer to buy products or receive services in their native language, making it critical for businesses to operate on a global scale in order to provide a local language experience for their customers.

For firms, digital operations are a critical component of growth. So, you must be familiar with the Arabic digital market if you wish to target the Arabic market. However, it allows you to stand out in the market and, more significantly, create millions of dollars in additional sales. So, it’s all about how you advertise it; sometimes, words speak louder than the thing itself.

Arabic translation

The 1st Arabic language translation began in the 2nd century when Arabs translated Persian materials. Following that, translations into Arabic continued for various purposes, although trade remained a major concern.

As we get closer to a more globalized world, the translation into the Arabic process increasingly relies on digital documents, computers, and terminology databases, which supply translators with a surprisingly large number of linguistic resources. So, in today’s Arabic world, translation is a big business.

Many educational programs and cultural groups that encourage the translation profession currently help the field of translation. There are difficulties with translations into Arabic, just as there are with translations into other languages.

These issues can be loosely divided into two categories:

Because of their separate language families, the structure of the two languages (i.e., Arabic and English translation) might be highly different. Similarly, this type of issue necessitates translators’ understanding of the differences in sentence structure between Arabic and the other language.

Translations of metaphors are particularly common to semantic issues. Given the dialect distinctions, which should be kept in mind that Arabic has an excessive number of dialects, extra caution is essential to avoid semantic errors.

How Should Arabic Translation Be Done Professionally?

Professional Arabic translation should be carried out by translators who have received formal training in the field and have extensive experience in the field. Therefore, these experts must speak the target language fluently. As a result, they were able to discern cultural variations and alter the content as needed.

To offer an example, some Arabic words cannot be translated into English as a single word. It’s also not uncommon to come across many copies of the same source text. So, to translate such materials, the translator needs to have a thorough comprehension of the subject matter in order to apply the appropriate vocabulary.

We offer a certified English to UAE translation service for your Arabic documents that can be utilized for immigration purposes, which allows us to set your translation company apart by providing the most accurate and timely translation available.