Benefits of Using a Reliable Transcription Service

Benefits of Using a Reliable Transcription Service

If you deal with media content such as video recordings or audio clips on a regular basis, then you must have an idea about the importance of transcription service in such settings. For those of you who don’t know what transcription is, it is simply the act of converting speech into text.

There are many benefits of seeking professional help to transcribe your content. The chances of your transcript text being error-free increase by manifold. In case you are listening to a recording, then having a transcript in your hand will not only help you analyze the information in the video better, but it will also provide you with the time about a certain dialogue and where you can find it in the video.

Here, we will be discussing the top benefits of using a reliable transcription service and where it can be used in various fields in the UAE.

Medical Transcription Services

In medical transcription, information is dictated via voice and converted into text accurately and quickly with the help of professional medical transcriptionists. This proves to have many benefits as it frees up medicals assistants and doctors. This way, they can fully focus on taking care of their patients.

A number of medical assistants don’t have to sit in front of computer screens and write down charts and reports to present to the doctors as that will be done by the transcription services online. This saves valuable time and energy and allows work in the hospital to happen more effectively and quickly.

Online Transcription Service for a better Academic Research

Online Transcription Service for a better Academic Research

For several years researchers, as well as university students, have switched from note-taking to media such as digital recordings to document their academic data. This has overall proven to be more beneficial and time-saving because taking notes in comparison is rather tedious, which diverts the focus of the students from the main task at hand.

However, digital recordings come with their own type of cons. The most prominent one being the long amount of time it takes to review the recordings. While making notes is easy and convenient, students and researchers often complain the analyzing their recorded material gives them no choice but to attentively listen to each and every detail of the recording. They even have to rewind many times to make sure they have analyzed the data accurately. This means that a simple one-hour recording takes around 3-4 hours to be analyzed properly.

Here, a reliable transcription service comes to the rescue for all kinds of academic researchers, in the form of human transcription, for those looking for a hundred percent accuracy and automatic transcription, for those who are on a budget.

Skip the rewind

One of the most frustrating aspects of analyzing recorded data is when you have to listen to an audio or watch a certain part of the video again and again because you keep missing out on a phrase. Not only is it time-consuming, but it also drains your energy and makes your work much more tedious than it originally is.

Having a transcription service to transcribe your recorded data is a knight in shining armor in this scenario. Not only will it let you know who is saying what exactly, but it will also let you know at what time what was said. This is going to eliminate the problem of you rewinding, again and again, thus allowing you to peacefully devote all of your energies and thinking capabilities to analyzing the transcribed data.

Devote all of your energies to the task that actually matters

Conducting research and analyzing academic data is in itself a very difficult job. It requires time and thinking capabilities. Preparing questions, conducting background analysis, and collecting different types of relevant data is a full-time job.

Transcribing all the recordings on top of it all will definitely overburden you and eventually burn you out. This is because transcribing even the simplest of recordings can easily take hours and requires you to be attentive. By hiring a professional transcription service, you can skip this task and invest all of your energies in the real task at hand. 

Quantitative data is instantly actionable

One of the biggest benefits of having quantitative data in hand is that it can be used to take instant action by the researchers once they have the research. This is because in a quantitative date, unlike any qualitative data, all the trends can be clearly outlined and the numbers can be identified easily.

When it comes to analyzing qualitative data that comes in the form of recordings and other digital experts means, significant efforts are required by the researcher. By transcribing such data into a quantitative form, researchers can easily draw conclusions, make patterns and identify anomalies from the text, thus making the job of the researcher much easier.

Make your research accessible to everyone

Content in the form of a video recording or audio is only accessible to some people to analyze, perhaps just a small group of qualified researchers. But good research requires more than a small team. It needs to be reviewed by a number of people so that they can give their own guidance.

Using services such as transcription will make your research more readily accessible to a greater number of people. Thus allowing everyone to indulge in your research and give their own two cents.

Make your content searchable

It is very important that any academic research should compromise information that is hundred percent accurate and factual. Otherwise, your research is likely to get rejected during the review process.

Fact checking your content before making it a part of your research can be difficult if your content is in the form of videos or audio. This is because such files cannot be searched. A reliable transcription service is truly a really game changer. It allows you to fact-check your content easily and conveniently and saves you from the hassle of fact-checking dozens of digital files individually.