Common Signs that Neck Pain is Serious

Common Signs that Neck Pain is Serious

Before you go out and see a neck pain doctor West Windsor NJ, you might be wondering whether or not your condition is even serious enough to merit this sort of service in the first place. To be clear, if you think that seeing a doctor might be helpful, then you should go ahead and schedule and appointment today. However, below you can find some of the common signs that neck pain is serious.

1. Pain Has Been Lingering for Several Weeks

If you have neck pain, it will often go away on its own in a short period of time. Typically, neck pain is caused by minor sprains and tears that can easily be fixed by your body without a professional pain intervention. However, if it has been lingering for several weeks, this means that you may have a chronic pain condition that needs prompt professional assistance.

2. Your Neck is Sensitive to Light Touching

If you cannot be touched on your neck and spine lightly without feeling heavy loads of pain, this is almost always a bad sign. If this is happening to you, then you should go and see a neck pain doctor right away to get some clarity on what is going on and how to treat the problem. Otherwise, you will risk everything getting much worse.

3. Constant Headaches Along with Neck Pain

If you are noticing severe headaches paired along with flu-like symptoms, this is a sign that you might actually have something serious such as meningitis. This is an infection of your spine and can get very serious quickly if not treated promptly. If the pain is concentrated more in the back of your skull then this could be a sign of an artery tear.

4. Tingling in Your Limbs

If you notice tingling sensations, numbness, and so on in places such as your arms and legs, then this is another sign that your neck pain could be a serious issue. This can even translate down to impact your hand-eye coordination, and is a sign of spine problems that need to be taken care of promptly or you could risk having worse problems develop.

5. You Have a History of Drug Abuse

A history of abusing substances such as steroids and other drugs may be a good enough reason to visit a neck pain doctor in West Windsor NJ to have your neck checked out by a professional. Smoking is another common cause of neck pain. If you hold a habit of smoking for a long time, you can damage the cervical discs in your neck as well as cause many other well-known problems in this part of the body such as bronchitis.

Think You Need Professional Help for Neck Pain?

If you think that seeing a neck pain doctor in West Windsor NJ will help you get neck pain under control, you are invited to come in and see us here at Performance Pain. As a new client, you will be able to get a free consultation. We also specialize in treating chronic pain conditions without using pain medications and viewing surgery as a last resort.