10 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Traveling Abroad During COVID-19.

COVID-19 has been the most discussed topic worldwide for months and regardless of nationality and geographical origin, the destructive trail left by the virus is known to all. In many countries, preventive measures remain or have been adopted to mitigate the risks to the population.Secure Transportation Colombia What is the perception with respect to these measures, especially for those who plan to return to travel?

This article aims to provide information on a recent trip to Italy during the pandemic and focuses on the safety measures adopted for those traveling abroad and their effectiveness. From a strictly personal point of view, the preventive measures adopted in the United Kingdom and in Italy were handled professionally and I did not feel any danger to my safety. A due consideration is that the airports inperiod do not operate at full capacity and the flights are of limited capacity and this undoubtedly facilitates respect for social distancing and the management of travelers.

Safety training for travelers

Obtaining information on travel risks is the key to understanding the measures needed to mitigate the risks themselves. Consulting a security expert to evaluate available options is a way to travel safely.

Explore Secure® provides traveler safety training that is suitable for both business and leisure travelers, heading to countries with a certain level of risk. We also offer a training course on our portal as an integral part of travel preparation.

The arrival

The arrival in Bergamo was handled very efficiently. The buses to reach the terminal respected the limited capacity, in line with safety regulations. Coming from the UK I did not have to fill in an entry form and the control procedures were conducted effectively and minimizing the risks.

I did a research to check the regulations in force in Italy in order not to run into problems that could interrupt the trip. Secure Transportation Ghana There are still countries that impose a 14-day quarantine on arrival and others that require the completion of a form to ascertain the origin and state of health of the traveler. In this case, I recommend filling out the form before leaving to speed up the control procedures, reducing delays and risks. If you are unsure about a country’s regulations, you can visit the government’s official page in the travel section or consult a security expert.

It is important to remember that most airports restrict access to travelers only. In case family members or friends want to meet you at the airport, plan a meeting place outside the terminal as they will most likely not be able to access the arrivals area.

Security measures at the airport

It is now mandatory to cover the nose and mouth with a mask both inside the airport and during the flight. The airport staff ensures that this rule is respected and otherwise they will not allow offenders to travel. It is possible to find a mask at the airport but it is recommended to be prepared and in possession of your own. If it is not mandatory in the country of origin, we recommend using it before traveling to get used to it and avoid inconveniences including wearing it incorrectly. All personnel inside the airport wore masks as expected.

Each airport, in compliance with the new travel rules, should make sanitizing gel available. Both airports I visited had numerous distributors inside the terminal and through the boarding gates. In a few seconds it is possible to sanitize your hands and there is no reason not to adhere to this simple rule.

Body temperature control has been introduced in most airports. Upon departure from Bergamo (BGY), after checking my boarding pass, they checked my temperature and repeated the check both at check-in and during security checks. It is an extremely rapid procedure that does not cause delays at the moment but in anticipation of the recovery and an increase in travelers, we recommend arriving early enough to avoid compromising your safety by hurrying through the boarding procedures.

There were signs, various forms of demarcation and separate seating throughout the airport to remind travelers to respect social distancing. The bars and restaurants limited the number of seats respecting the spaces provided by the safety regulations. Through an application via mobile phone it was possible to place orders in order to reduce contacts with staff and avoid queues and gatherings. Bergamo airport provides coffee and beverage dispensers that work with coins and cash, as an alternative for those who prefer not to use credit cards and debit cards.

The flight

The use of the mask is mandatory inside the aircraft and during the journey, except for food and drinks or if requested by the flight crew. During the demonstration of the safety rules on board, the staff reminded that the new regulations are mandatory. To minimize movement and avoid queues at the toilets, the signal to keep the belts fastened remained on during the flight. To use the toilets it is necessary to notify the staff and wait for confirmation that it is safe to move from your seat. Payments for anything can only be made by credit card.

The space between the seats was more than enough to maintain a safe distance from other passengers and the flight was certainly not at the limit of capacity, however, to minimize the risks, Ryanair adopted a strategy to space passengers as much as possible. . I planned the trip and reserved a front row seat to minimize inconvenience and I recommend it to everyone, as long as it is in line with your budget.


The thought of traveling during this period causes mixed reactions. For some, leaving the house already generates fears and it is unthinkable to set foot in an airport. Undoubtedly the experience of traveling has changed but I believe in some aspects for the better.

If everyone complied with the new regulations, simply sanitizing their hands frequently, the risks of new infections would be minimized.

** Since returning from Italy, an increase in COVID-19 cases in Spain has prompted the UK to re-establish a 14-day quarantine for all arriving travelers. This fact highlights the importance of following the travel safety regulations and informing yourself about the regulations in force in the country you intend to visit which are subject to changes that may occur during the journey.