Guide For Single Senior To Travel Las Vegas

World capital of quick and funny weddings, fast-paced gaming, bucks and hens parties and grand events, Las Vegas is undoubtedly a place where entertainment finds itself at home. A city with plenty to do if you wish not to visit accompanied by children with plenty to do on your own if you are travelling solo. The city is a holiday destination full of life, and the methods of spending your time here do not relate to long walks or visiting cultural attractions.

In Vegas you can virtually visit the whole world at once, as developers have stolen and rebuilt all major (worldwide) attractions, including Eiffel Tower, Egypt’s pyramids, small villages such as the French and Mediterranean ones and many more.

What to Visit?

Fountains of Bellagio Hotel produce a great show in Vegas every single day for 15 minutes in a row. If you’re lucky to visit the city in weekend, than you can enjoy the show every hour.

At Bellagio Hotel you can also visit the Gallery of Fine Arts and the Botanical Garden, both displaying a magnificent collection.

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The Zoo Park in Southern Nevada is also to be admired, as it features over 150 different species of plants and animals.

Flamingo Garden, city’s main avenue, is the place where you can delight your view with flamingos as well as many other exotic and brightly coloured birds.

The volcano at Mirage Casino erupts every night in a burst of light, so this is another place you should not miss.

What to Eat?

The traditional way to dine in Vegas is buffet. This is something that all major hotels have and meals here cost about $ 30, the price for which you can choose whatever and however you want to eat. In the city you can find traditional Las Vegas dishes which bring together all cultures and gastronomic areas. Regardless what dish you prefer, you can find there.

Le Village Buffet is French and you can choose between many dishes from five regions of France. It is located in a warehouse that features a reconstructed village bed, and you can eat the food in a countryside cottage, for example.

Where to Stay?

Large, luxury hotels usually have great prices starting from $ 150 and the sky is the limit.

If you want to stay in a more affordable hotel with standard protection, but which has a casino included as to get a taste of the local culture, than this could be El Cortez Hotel and Casino, where a room costs from $35 and up.

If you are over 60s travel and willing to splash out of your comfort zone or If you’re looking for a more luxurious facility with a pool included, than you may have a look at Resort Elara. This hotel is part of the famous Hilton Grand Vacations chain and a standard room here costs around $100.

Annual Events

Saint Patrick’s Day Festival takes place on or around March 17 and includes parties and parades, all doused with beer.

Single Senior Over 60 Travel

In the middle of May you can witness Las Vegas Helldorado Days, a celebration that recreates the Wild West days. If you participate, than you will be able to watch major rodeo events, parades, a carnival and more.

In early October, art is moving to the park. This is a great opportunity for you to buy handicrafts. Some things you can purchase are related to jewelry, clothing and American-style decorative items, but also small gifts crafted by local artists.


In Las Vegas’ casinos all drinks are free for those who play, even if only at the slot machines. The only hook is that if you do not tip the waitress with at least $1, you’re not likely to get any more later.

Some bars which are truly worth a try include the Bunkhouse and Freakin Frog. Here drinks are truly above par. Also some visitors has given excellent review about this bar.

Another colorful local option to take into account is the Nine Fine Irishmen pub, which was assembles solely in Ireland and brought in the U.S. later on. You can buy a beet here for only $7 and enjoy live Irish music every night.