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Computer vs. Human: Legal Translation Abu Dhabi Marina Mall

As it is known by all that communication is a bone of growth and key of connection. Being in this global village where businesses are growing at the international level, communication between different countries in different languages can become a barrier. For this, translators are foremost in different fields. If you are an international enterprise, you can miss out on potential business if you don’t take advantage of legal translation services.

Companies are mostly aware of what kind of translation services they require, like website translation in different major languages, legal document translation, or social media marketing translation. But most of the companies are confused about which kind of translators they should reach out to to get the content translated according to the goal.

A computer translation would do? Or should I get a human translator? Or can both of the services be combined? We will see the difference in both translations, which may help you choose what is best for your business.

Basic description of Machine translation and Human translation:

So let us go through the basics first, machine translation is an instant word to word translation. The machine translates text from one language to another language using AI (Artificial intelligence). You can not totally rely on machine/computer translation; you still require post edit scan by a human to check for possible errors such as context, feel, and phrases.

On the other hand, human translation works on the man’s brainpower; in this, the text is translated manually. There are a few chances of missing out on the context of the sentence, also it keeps the actual feel rather than just translating words into words in human translation, they use the word which fits the best according to the language and meaning of the sentence.

Some people may disagree with the concept that both translations are different, whereas many still believe that there’s a difference in quality. There are a lot of mixed reviews on machine translation. Computer translation is not a new technology, but it got attention in the last few years.

There are different types of machine translations. In fact, many apps offer free translation like DeepL Translator, YandexTranslate, Microsoft Translator, and Google Translate. Google translate is the most famous among all yet it is inaccurate as many people have encountered wrong, awkward and funny translations by Google translations.

Talking on the other hand about human translations, they are not completely error-free either, but there are minimum chances of error. When it comes to legal translation Abu Dhabi Marina Mall, especially people most probably go for human translation services as they know the legal terms according to the laws of different languages and their countries. Because mistakes in legal translations can lead to law cases and it is always cheaper to hire a translator than a lawsuit.

Which Service is enduring in the translation industry?

Now, this is the question that gets asked the most. So the answer is both. Human translators need computers and computer translators would require human translators for accuracy. Machine translation got attention recently that is why people aren’t really used to it or maybe they aren’t that accurate.

Now when it got the attention, the industry will definitely come up with accurate translator software using high artificial intelligence just as they do in other fields. Believe it or not but machine translators are not going back; its market is growing at a fast pace. It is predicted to reach by $978 million by next year.

Still, it can not overshadow human translators; they will stay at their place. Especially when it comes to living interpretations and guides nothing can beat human translators. While the fluency of machine translation upgrades by time mistranslations could occur, it is always essential to get your output checked and post edited by human translators.  So, If you think it will not be necessary for the future just forget the idea that machine translators can use redundant professional translators.

Which translation service is less expensive?

By now you must be thinking, if human translators are so much better then why would people even use machine translation or why is it growing? So the reason is it is a lot cheaper than a professional translator as it doesn’t require any labor cost.

Not everyone can afford professional translators especially the general public, they don’t have sources and they don’t even need that of an accurate output understandable similar meaning would do well. Additionally, it is handy and quick. Businesses with low budget can also get the job done easily.

Human translators are comparatively expensive, and cost can be varied according to work, the experience of the translator, its availability, area of expertise, and physical presence at places. At the end of the day, they are also not 100% error-free because they are mere human.


Bot of the services have their own pros and cons but it is recommended that if you are a global business or a company you should always go for professional legal translation services agency. Be it translation of legal documents or your websites, only professionals can handle it well.

As it is stated above a lawsuit can cost more than a translator. They may use the combination of both and give you the best output. Machine translation is not recommended. Whereas if you are a tourist or you don’t need highly professional translation or you don’t have the budget you can go for machine translators just use it wisely.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, human translators are vital but machine translation is the future. Both of the services are good in their own way according to the business for what they are required.

It is always recommended to go for professional services for better quality. They are not always so expensive but can avoid big hustles. Yet both services are important in their own ways.